What is sex like, when we get older? What do we want and desire? Do aging bodies perform sexually in the same way as earlier in life? Where do our attitudes to sex come from – is it the biology of our bodies or the culture in our minds? What can we do to get as much pleasure as possible from sex, when we’re not young anymore?

This book is a translated and slightly edited version of my Danish book, “Sex efter 50”. I self-published this in 2012 after a couple of Danish publishing companies had rejected the book, because they thought nobody would be interested in the subject. That really convinced me that it was an important book, så I went ahead  and started my own company, Elven. And I learned a lot about margins, paper quality, fonts… And I also found that people were very interested in the sexuality of older age.

You can by “Sex after 50” online as e-book and on paper. It’s available at Amazon and several other platforms.